Yoga With Dawn


Yoga reduces stress and tension, boosts self esteem and has countless other health benefits


You dont have to be flexible to practice yoga, but regular practice will increase your flexibility


Yoga can help with stress, sleep issues, hormonal imbalances, back pain, joint and circulatory problems

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“Dawn's 'Introduction to Yoga' was a great experience, she eases you gently into the positions and her calming voice and explanations on the various postures made it a safe and enjoyable experience.

I woke after a great nights sleep the following morning and as a fibromyalgia sufferer I am usually in constant pain. I also noticed a difference in my posture after only one session.”
Sarah R
“After many years of being an active sportsman, I decided to try yoga as an alternative to more conventional exercise. However, I had to overcome the typical nerves of a novice.

Dawn clearly knows her subject and her relaxed style of teaching immediately put me at my ease. As a result I will be completing my first course!”
Mark B
“After just two lessons I couldn't believe how energised I felt!”
Karen R
“I really enjoy Dawn's yoga class - she always checks what you are doing is correct and creates a nice relaxed atmosphere. She is a great teacher and I highly recommend Yoga with Dawn”
Donna J